Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An open letter to my sister and niece

Dear sister and niece, You are so beautiful, both of y'all, and you don't realize it! You are so precious to Him and he cherishes you! That is right!! When this world has used you like dirty rags and throws you to the wayside, He picks you up in to His everlasting arms and makes you white as snow and heals you. The point to that is you have to call His name!! It can be just a faint whisper that contains the last of your breath but guess what HE WILL HEAR YOU!! He is a gentleman and will never take over your life unless you invite Him to! He wants you to see the beauty in the dark times, to know that through any trial He is there for you, holding you, guiding you, and interceding for you! Jesus is sitting at the feet of the throne of God and HE IS PRAYING FOR YOU!! So when you do not know what to say, He is saying it for you!!! There is a song that says "when you are going through hell keep on going!!" Don't stop and pay attention to satan, he wishes to destroy you and he wants to do it in a way that causes you to suffer for a life time!! Don't feed the demons!! Take all the nasty things that are said to you by others and write them down on paper and destroy that paper so you can PHYSICALLY see the nastiness just burn away!! Don't carry your burdens because they will weigh you down!!! Hand them over to Jesus and He will give you rest and restore you! In this world you cannot do it on your own! It is only through Christ and a personal relationship with Him that will get you through the minute by minute; hour by hour; day by day!! Take it all slowly, there is no rush! Take each bite and meditate on Gods word, hide it in your heart so that when these trials hit you, you will be prepared to fight satan and all the trash he throws your way! I am praying for you both daily! You are constantly on my thoughts! I wish I could just reach up to Colorado and grab y'all and bring you here! But I know for now that my prayers are what is needed! My heart aches for you and I pray that you can feel the Holy Spirit wrapping His arms around you and holding you! This will all be used for God's glory and I know you cannot see the big picture now but God can!! Give Him the little piece of the puzzle that you are holding, the little part that is only a moment in your entire life, so that God can make it into the masterpiece that will be your complete life! I love you so very much and know that I am here for you! Pray Pray Pray!! Place it in God's hands and if you have to keep giving it back to God, keep giving it back! You cannot but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! Just surrender ALL of you to Him! Love your big Sister and Aunt Shauna Psalm 121: 1-8 1 I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? 2 My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. 3 He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber; 4 indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. 5 The Lord watches over you— the Lord is your shade at your right hand; 6 the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. 7 The Lord will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; 8 the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

Friday, May 28, 2010

God's Work

Yes I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted! I apologize, I have just had alot going on! Wow, where do I begin? Well first off, I got to go back to BSF this year! It was awesome getting to study the book of John! If you are not in a Bible Study and you want something in-depth and life changing, go to BSF to get more information and locate a group near you! This next year they are studying Isaiah and this is a new one!!! I can not wait! The next thing that happened is God has just been working on my heart and breaking me little by little to make me who He wants me to be! He has reached into the depths of me, and connected the fibers of my being with Him INSTEAD of me!! It has been painful, fulfilling and one of the most scariest things I have been through! But worth every bit of it! I am now exercising regularly, eating properly, and no longer sleeping until 10 and 11 am! I am getting up at 4am, getting hubby off to work and spending time with God! I am not perfect and still a work in progress, however, God has brought me a LONG way from where I was last year! Sebastian (my son) just finished Pre K 4 and will be moving to kindergarten and we are so proud of him! My mom and grandparents are both up in Colorado and everyone else may end up joining them there before long! I may go to because these hotflashes are driving me nuts, however, that is in Gods hands! Also I have been asked at my church to assist our new Youth Pastor! It is so awesome because of what has been my prayer! I went to TBI (Texas Bible Institute) to learn leadership and be equipped by God to show the world My Lord! That was in 1999! So here I was like, God I received this awesome trainning and I felt as if I was wasting it! However, I believe that God had to work things out through me and I took a few rabbit trails! :) It is awesome that God allows U-Turns! So now I am currently working on VBS (Register Here Locals) for the 7th and 8th graders! Not by myself, but assisting! BY THE WAY, we need volunteers to help us for the 7th and 8th graders so if you would like to volunteer, visit the website and sign up ;)! It is amazing how when we let go and let God, He can do exceedingly and abunduntly ABOVE anything we ask or think! This is why God tells us that His ways are above ours! Give yourself to Him, surrender to Him EVERYTHING, and you will see how great and mighty He is! He will blow you away!

There is also about to be some changes in my household as we go from a family of 4 to a family of 10!!!! My sister, brother in law and their 4 kids will be here MONDAY!!! Wow! Talk about a major change! It is amazing seeing what God is doing! I was praying and asking God how I could help my sister out as I was not able to send her money! Well I thought about how AWESOME my church is and so I was going to ask if they had any can goods, clothes, toys etc, that I could take to my sister on June 12th when I was to go and pick up 2 of my nieces to come here with us! Words can not express how awesome my church is! Someone gave me a $40 donation for my sister, people were talking about bringing food, and another couple asked about clothes and toys! My heart was overwhelmed! You see my sister has been asking me questions about God! I believe that my sister is saved even though she has been away for awhile based on John 10:28! So we have been praying for her at my church and through BSF prayer time! My sister is surrounded by prayer and all though satan is trying very very hard and is currently winning, he will not be for long! :) I know that my sister is a child of God and I cant wait to take her to church with me, get her involved and show her God's Love! So here we go again! We tried to live together almost 6 years ago, and it failed because I was not as close to God and walking with Him! I loved God but I didn't depend on Him 100%! I am praying this time will be different! I am praying this time for God to be in control! I am praying that the Holy Spirit will be at work all of the time! I won't lie, I am scared, but I am giving that "scared" idea over to God, because satan would LOVE to destroy the little relationship my sister and I have! He would also love to shatter the little bit of question that my sister has about God! I will keep yall updated (try to) with how this is going! Pray for relationships to become stronger between sisters and God, pray for LOVE to flow in this house, and pray that God will be in control at all times! Bind satan from any foothold in anyway! Thank you!

The last, but not least thing is that I am working on opening my bakery business via Internet! I am soooo excited! I love to bake and would love to give to others the yumminess of a home baked item! As soon as the website launches I will post it here for all to see! Thank you for taking the time to read this! I will try to be more faithful in posting here! There are other things that God is currently working on in my life and that will come about soon! When they do I will let you know! For now just pray that God continues to grow in my life and continues changing me into His image! Until next time, God bless and keep you!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Popping in!

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to say Hi and let yall know that I still do exsist! I have been through some pretty tough times physically, mentally and emotionally! I will be sharing with yall real soon some stuff that has happened! I just had another surgery and had to have my ovaries removed so now I am completely gutted! No woman parts, just outward woman stuff! LOL! I am now in the middle of menopause at the age of 28 so it has been hard to say the least! I will be getting everything updated soon so bear with me! I hope yall are doing good and I hope to catch back up with yall! Here is a poem that I wrote recently to give yall an idea of what has been going on!

April 5, 2009

The ominous cloak remains
disguising, restricting my view
And it embraces all that I am
petrified to face.

Heavy burdened it becomes
Above me, on my shoulders
As a yolk to an ox
Causing every bone in my
Body to cry out in agony.

To my core it is reaching
In hopes of destroying
My heart. Taking away the
Only thing that might be
Left pounding, living, boundless

My mind is now a fog, powerless
To continue simple tasks that use
To be so unchallenging; becoming breakdowns
And attacks of what I have distorted into

Tearing, ripping, and clawing erratically.
Part of my soul trying
To retreat while the darkness
seeks to enter by force. I’m unable to
Break away from the shell
Of me for fear of what
The dementors will carry out.

The end is not in sight. The burden remains
As if to be a sentence that is undefined
And carried out with no redemption
My merit is in question.
Causing me to scream out
“Am I really not worth it?”

Weeping feverishly for something,
Someone to come and eradicate all
That this cloak has engrossed around
my inner most being. Waiting for the day
to come that the chains that have bound
will fall away from its enslaved being

For this will be the day of true Resurrection
that will be carried out by Abba Father
out of His absolute profound and authentic
love for the prodigal daughters arrival
from her absentness. Holding her in
the everlasting loving arms of her Heavenly Daddy
and whispering “Daughter you are worth all of it!”

Written By: Shauna Hernandez copyrighted 2009

Love yall and miss yall!

With my heart in His Hands

Friday, January 9, 2009

Facing the Giants!

With all that has been going on in my walk with God and the way He has whispered to me has shown me that it really is all God! Right now I am in a full on attack from satan and he is trying to win! So much has happened physically to myself and my family that I am convinced that it is spiritual warfare! The reason is because satan thinks that I am not ready and therefore I will not fight back! Also I basically gave satan freedom to do what he wanted when I committed the sins that I did! Now that I am trying to change it all the 2 year old temper tantrums are starting (from him of course)!!! We have hade bronchitis in our house for 7 weeks now (starting in November), I had something pop in my back this past week that has made the pain excrutiating (I would rather be in labor with a baby right now!), every time that I try to start to do something in submitting to my husband or to make right in my home and give to God something happens that is crushing or devastating (feelings that is all I will say!)!!!! Tonight I was able to speak to my best friend and big sister in the whole wide world and did she have an earfull to tell me! Thank you so very, very much sis! I got on my knees and cried out to God!!! My sis reminded me that God is NOT like any man that I know here on earth and that I needed to take EVERYTHING before Him and LAY IT DOWN COMPLETELY!!!! I have done that and I am still working on it! It is not just a 5 minute session that you do and then it is done, it is like something that has to be rewritten! Takes time and tears and changes that can only be made and done by God! It is a daily, no let me change that, minute by minute thing that has to be given to God until it becomes so second nature it is no longer a thought but an action! Recently I caught the movie Facing the Giants on TBN, if you have not seen this movie WATCH IT! It is awesome and it has a Life lesson for everyone! I just feel right now that is exactly where I am at! I am facing Giants, I am in an open field, rain pouring down hard, looking to the left and right and see no covering to run to and hide under, thinking that I should look straight up but justifying why I haven't! "Sorrow looks back.....Worry looks around......Faith looks up!" keeps running through my head but all I keep saying to God is "I don't know if I have enough Faith" and all I keep hearing is "If you have Faith as small as a mustard seed, I can do the rest. Take the first step Shauna". All the pain and hurt that is surrounding me is making my legs feel like there are concrete blocks on both of them and I am not able to lift them. The moment is coming when all of that pain and hurt will be shattered and that step will be taken! Please pray for me if and when you can, pray that God will break down whatever it is that I am blocking from being changed in me. "The Giant is calling out my name and he laughs at me...". Satan you WILL NOT WIN!

I have posted a few videos on here for what I am going through right now and what I feel really ministers to my heart! Also in the top portion I have added Psalm 34 and Psalm 40 as 2 chapters that are really speaking to me right now! I will be reading them every chance that I can! (NKJV version). I need to go for now!

With my heart in His Hands,


Friday, January 2, 2009

God works in mysteries ways!

Good evening everyone!

Yes I am up very late but I happen to be a night owl! I was actually cleaning up and set down to take a break! I found 2 articles on Yahoo that really gave me some deeper insight into the walk God has recently started me on! First was this one http://dating.personals.yahoo.com/singles/relationships/24191/dating-101-seven-things-no-one-tells-you-about-marriage and the next one was http://www.redbookmag.com/super-happy-couples-ll?kw=ist ! God used them to teach me so much that it was not even funny! My outlook on marriage has been so messed up that I have not even noticed the changes that I need to make in me and (as Jessi Duplantis would say) stickin thinkin! It is amazing how we see all that needs to be changed in our partner and yet don't see all that needs to be plucked and regrown in our own self!!!!

The first article talked about how things need to be seen as regular every day things and to get the fairytale idea out of our head regarding marriage! I am not saying that I am fluttering about thinking it will be perfect, but I didn't look at my marriage as there would be sameness everyday and I have to decide what I am going to make of those days! Meaning I can take it out on my husband (which I have done as of lately), or I can make it to be a learning day for me of what can I do for my husband!

The second article talks about the way you can build your marriage to be happy! Not 100% of the time, but as much as possible so when you go through the hard times you will have reserves to be able to get through and be made even stronger for it together!

Both articles were just great and something that I needed! I even felt the need to email them to my mom, aunt and best friend just because they can be helpful even if things might look perfect at the time! New things can help you grow no matter where you are at!

The words that are now stuck in my head and I guess you could say is my new year resolution, is what Dr Phil has said many times on his show. When he wakes up in the morning he thinks, "what can I do to make my wife happy today?" So from now on, I will be thinking "What can I do to make my husband happy today?"

You will find in life that sometimes the little things in life makes someone you love the happiest! If only we could all learn this maybe we would have a different way of thinking!

With my heart in His Hands,


Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I hope this works! Get the tissue ready!

Click the title and it should take you to the video I want you to see! Sorry Blogspot wont let me embed so I dont know how else to do it!

PS- To all the ladies who have left me little comments, they have meant the world to me and you will never know the impact they have had on me during a very difficult and hard time! Thank you thank you thank you for allowing God to use you!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Speak into My Life God

Hello Everyone,

I pray that your holidays went well! I wanted to tell yall about something that I found! I am so excited about it! I found this blog about how to be submissive biblically to my husband! I cannot wait to get started on it and going!

For Biblical Submission:

I am a 28 year old SAHM, I have 2 little ones, a son who is 4 years old and a daughter who will be 2 in May! I have been married for 8 years this coming May! I located this blog through Her Southern Charm, which I found because my best friend advised me to look for Godly christian women to speak into my life! So here I am at the beginning of my journey into becoming a Proverbs 31 woman through God!

I can't wait to see how this journey goes and how God will use each of these women that has helped our paths to cross! Until next time, Gob Bless and a Happy New Year!

He's still working on me!